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Kozi Vrsok expands to Ukraine!


Leonteus, s.r.o. concluded recently an agreement with ARDIS Group in Ukraine that will enable to distribute its own dairy products under the Kozi Vrsok brand on the Ukrainian market.

In the first phase, the co-operation will focus mainly on the distribution of Kozi Vrsok aged cheeses. During the second half of 2019, the company plans to cover 65 of the largest hypermarkets in the Kiev region, which are operated by the international chains. Subsequently, the distribution will be extended to other stores in Ukraine. Kozi Vrsok in cooperation with the Ukrainian partner can get access to nearly 1250 supermarkets.

 ARDIS Group is one of the largest cheese importers and distributors in Ukraine with more than 20 years of history. On the Ukrainian market, it provides long-term distribution of international brands such as Philadelphia, Bergader, Zanetti, Mona, Madeta, Schordinger, Zott, etc. for international chains such as METRO C&C, Auchan, ATB, Billa, Novus, Silpo, and HoReCa segment (Hyatt, Il Molino, Intercontinental, Domino, etc.).

Leonteus, s.r.o. is a Slovak company with 10 years of history in producing premium dairy products under the Kozi Vrsok brand. During its existence, as the only Slovak producer, the company has gained a number of international awards, especially in the category of aged cheeses such as bronze and gold medals from the World Cheese Exhibition in London 2017/2018. Kozi Vrsok products are currently available in all major food chains across Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.

Source: Leonteus, s.r.o., 09/07/2019


Kozi Vrsok expands to Ukraine!

Leonteus, s.r.o. concluded recently an agreement with ARDIS Group in Ukraine that will enable to distribute its own dairy products under the Kozi Vrsok brand on the...

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