Facility address

Kozí vŕšok area
Ivachnová 304 (map)
034 83 Liptovská Teplá

N49.094174 / E19.420069

Virtual tour of the area and the restaurant

Contact information

Prevádzka: +421 907 881 190
Kancelária: +421 44 43 11 901
Mob.: +421 907 907 281

Cheese shop:
Tel.: +421 44 43 11 905
Mob.: +421 907 907 281

Head Office

LEONTEUS, s.r.o.
Ventúrska 3
811 01 Bratislava

Cheese trading

Where to buy our cheese

Our products can be found in almost all the stores and retail chains of Billa, Tesco, Kaufland, and Terno. In case a particular product is not available, please contact your sales manager.

The complete range of our products can be purchased:

Bratislava – in a branch of Svet Syrov in OC Aupark
Liptov , Ivachnová – Kozí  Vŕšok area.

About our company

We are characterized by the motto "We like making good things." We start the process with organic goat, cow and sheep milk from our local farmers. We process the milk.  Naturally, without chemicals, to keep most of the nutrients. During the production of cheese and yogurt we use modern machines, but we are not a factory. We stick to traditional techniques and all we produce goes through our hands. Literally. The result is a real taste of the milk in yogurt, or a healthy taste of fresh and mature cheeses. Hence Kozí vŕšok was created.


Bronze medal from the World Cheese Awards 2016/2017!

In mid-November,  Kozí Vŕšok participated in the World Cheese Awards, the most prestigious competition , which is usually organized by the British, this time it was...

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Our partners

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