Goat milk

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Effects of goat milk

The positive effects of goat milk were already known from the time of our ancestors. Regular consumption of goat milk has a beneficial effect on the immune system and has a preventive effect against cancer. Compared to cow’s milk it is easier to digest and more than half of the people with lactose intolerance can drink it. It is full of vitamins, minerals and calms irritated GI tract.

Our goat milk

Our goat milk comes from the foothill areas where goats graze freely, providing milk health-promoting nutrients. We always work with whole milk, never skimmed, so important nutrients are not wasted. We only adjust the low-thermal pasteurization to preserve much of its natural ingredients.

Price of goat milk

Goat milk is more expensive than cow milk because goats produce less milk, and therefore it is not sold wholesale. Our suppliers have their goats grazing in the clean mountain areas where the animals have their natural environment. We know that the prices of our products cannot be compared to prices of those normally found in chain stores. For us, however; it is most important that we offer quality and honest products that are beneficial to your health.

We like making good things, and therefore Kozi vrsok was created." We start the process with organic goat, cow, and sheep milk from our local farmers. We process the milk.  Naturally, without chemicals, to keep most of the nutrients. During the production of cheese and yogurt we use modern machines, but we are not a factory. We stick to traditional techniques and all we produce, goes through our hands. Literally. The result is a real taste of the milk in yogurt, or a healthy taste of fresh and mature cheeses.


Bronze medal from the World Cheese Awards 2016/2017!

In mid-November,  Kozí Vŕšok participated in the World Cheese Awards, the most prestigious competition , which is usually organized by the British, this time it was...

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