How good things are made

We are proud of what we do and we do it with all our heart

How we work

Our ancestors taught us the value of hard work. We follow their steps throughout the journey that takes for cheese to make from the green pastures all the way to your table. We use time-tested traditional techniques and honest manual work is paired with modern technology so that we can bring you premium quality good things to your table.

Our suppliers

Milk is healthy and very rare, so we pay the highest attention to the selection process. Our suppliers are farmers who do their job with love and their animals graze on green meadows, which is reflected in the quality and taste of the milk. This high care is one of the cornerstones of success for our cheeses.

Our procedures

Manufacturing process of the real cheese has not changed for thousands of years and it is very simple. After heating the milk, we add natural enzymes and then the resulting cheese is further processed. Nothing else goes in the milk during this process. We insist on this. Adding vegetable fats in cheese creates a worthless mass.

We like making good things, and therefore Kozi vrsok was created. ." We start the process with organic goat, cow and sheep milk from our local farmers. We process the milk.  Naturally, without chemicals, to keep most of the nutrients. During the production of cheese and yoghurt we use modern machines, but we are not a factory. We stick to traditional techniques and all we produce goes through our hands. Literally. The result is a real taste of the milk in yoghurt, or a healthy taste of fresh and mature cheeses.



Bronze medal from the World Cheese Awards 2016/2017!

In mid-November,  Kozí Vŕšok participated in the World Cheese Awards, the most prestigious competition , which is usually organized by the British, this time it was...

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Our partners

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