Mature cheeses

Mature goat, sheep, and cow cheeses

We take our greatest pride in mature cheeses that are proudly representing us in the world competitions. They are produced using traditional methods from quality goat, sheep, and cow milk that comes from the animals, which graze on the meadows of Slovakia. Our cheeses are aged for a minimum of one month in a special room in ideal conditions, where we care for them so that we can bring to your table the cheese that tastes the way a real cheese should taste like.


Cow cheese
Goat cheese 1 month old
Goat cheese 3 months old
Goat cheese 6 months Exclusive
Sheep cheese


Cow cheese 4 spices
Cow cheese Chilli
Cow cheese Wild garlic
Sheep cheese Tuscan spices


Semi-hard aged cheese great for grilling
Sliced aged cheese


Bronze medal from the World Cheese Awards 2016/2017!

In mid-November,  Kozí Vŕšok participated in the World Cheese Awards, the most prestigious competition , which is usually organized by the British, this time it was...

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